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hotel gym setup

Exercise has become a vital part of daily life, thanks to the increasing awareness about diet, exercise and health. Using a gym has therefore become a mantra for most. Exercising in a gym is a routine which people dedicated to their fitness regime find difficult to break, and long gone are the days when going on holiday or travelling due to work meant that you had to suspend your daily routine and abandon your schedule. Hotels all over the world now offer state-of-the-art fitness centres, complete with personal trainers, facilities and advisors so that travellers do not have to stop exercising while they are away from home. Those travelling on business often find that working out after a long day of meetings and conferences is a great stress buster and couples on holiday may for the first time, find their schedules coinciding, therefore enabling them to work out together. Hotel gyms, which were once just added on as an afterthought, have now become an integral part of the facilities that the hotel offers its customers.

Travelling in the new millennium has become easier, cheaper and faster. People can now have business meetings in Europe and fly back to work in India, all in the span of a day. Frequent travellers are adept and savvy at adjusting their body clocks to the time differences and know how to maximise their travel experience. A lot of people these days have travelled to places they would never have thought possible a decade earlier. Therefore when offering services to their customers, hotels should be aware of the fact that their customers have probably seen and visited a number of hotels across the world and are likely to make comparisons and form opinions about the facilities that they are being offered. When setting up a gym within your hotel, the same rule applies. Your customer wants to feel at home in the gym, he must feel like you are offering him a service that is comparable to any hotel anywhere in the world. Thus it is important to have the right equipment in the gym.

Tucson Fitness, the leader in the fitness market in India, has a complete range of cardio and strength equipment which is perfectly suited to both budget and five-star hotels. The machines are all state-of-the-art in terms of technology and aesthetics, enabling the user to work out effectively and safely. Having supplied their equipment to many major hotels across the country such as Taj Samudra (Kovalam), City Park (New Delhi), Park Plaza (Jodhpur), Marine Plaza (Mumbai), The Beach Resort (Goa), and The Ambassador (Mumbai), Tucson Fitness is aware of the requirements and necessities that have to be taken into consideration when setting up gyms within hotels. Their commercial grade equipment is all imported from Johnson Health Tech (Taiwan), which is the fourth largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, and the number one manufacturer in Asia. All the research and development for these machines is undertaken in the US to ensure that standards of quality and technology are of the highest. Tucson Fitness has been importing machines from Johnson Heath Tech for the past ten years and continues to share a healthy and long-term relationship with their principals.

Having good equipment is the first step, designing your gym is the next. The way a gym is laid out is an important factor for users. Design and ambience are vital ingredients of a hotel in every aspect, be it rooms, suites, restaurants, lobbies and even the fitness centre. Going to the gym is a personal and individual issue; it is not a team activity, and therefore the gym user needs to feel that he/she has enough space to exercise. He/she should not feel like others are crowding his/her workout area. Tucson Fitness offers complete solutions for your gym needs and this includes helping you plan the entire layout of your gym. Clients are presented with 3-D drawings for various options of layouts for their gym which makes it easier to get the look just right for customers, while keeping with the ambience of the hotel.

A factor that is universally important, whether it is in the hospitality industry or otherwise, is after sales service. You have to make sure, especially with gym equipment which will be in constant use, that the machines are supported by warranty and efficient after sales service. Broken and unusable equipment lying in a fitness centre reflects badly not only on the manufacturer of the machine, but on the gym owners as well. Therefore it is necessary that you check the credentials of the company from whom you are purchasing your equipment. Always make sure that the company you buy from is able to service their machines properly and on time. What would be beneficial is if you deal with a company who has ISO certification or some other kind of quality and customer care qualification. Tucson Fitness is a corporate and has an ISO 9001 certification. With service centres spanning the nation, they guarantee a call time of 24 hours. With a dedicated army of technicians, a toll-free service centre number and an expansive network, clients can be assured of a competent and proficient solution to their complaints.

An amalgamation of all the above factors will ensure that the gym you finally set up is of an international standard and offers the ultimate experience in terms of fitness and safety. Guests will not only value the effort you have put in into choosing world-class equipment with established standards in quality and safety, but will also appreciate the thought process that has gone into creating a fitness centre which builds upon and emphasises the image, brand and ambience of your hotel.


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Everyone's welcome at THE GYM fitness center

Young or old. Fit or unfit. It's all good. We love helping our members to be active.


Everyone's welcome at THE GYM fitness center

Young or old.
Fit or unfit.
It's all good.
We love helping our members to be active.